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We can help you reduce software resource requirements to save on power consumption and cooling requirements.

SPE Enhances Green Computing Initiatives

Green is a hot topic in designing and operating data centers. Many businesses have embraced the savings in power consumption and cooling costs that accompany green data centers. There is more to being green than buying energy efficient servers, however. Sustainability requires a "big picture" view that includes the building that houses the data center, the materials it is made of, its site, those who work there, its operation and maintenance, and the surrounding community.

Green computing is about more than energy efficient computers. Reducing software resource requirements enhances the environmental friendliness of your data center.

Reducing Software Resource Requirements

We believe that reducing software resource requirements is an important part of creating sustainable data centers. The most efficient way to use a resource is to not use it at all. SPE helps you reduce software resource requirements by focusing on the functions that are used most frequently. These dominant workload functions account for most of your applications' resource usage and thus significantly impact your data center's energy consumption as well as the overall performance of your systems. Using SPE in your software development life cycle not only helps you deliver applications that meet their SLAs on time and within budget; it also reduces your operational costs and decreases your impact on the environment. That's just good business!

Start today to adopt green computing by:

  • Reducing the resource requirements for existing applications — Perform an architecture assessment to see where you can save resources while improving the overall performance of your system.
  • Applying SPE for new development — Use SPE to ensure that your new applications make efficient use of resources while meeting your SLAs on time and within budget.

Our extensive experience in performance and software development uniquely qualifies us to help you reduce resource requriements of new and existing software applications.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you you can reduce your resource requirements.