SPE-ED+ Solutions

Software Performance Engineering, Best Practices and the SPE-ED+ toolkit

The SPE-ED+ Toolkit provides the capability to model all types of complex IT systems for Cyber-physical, IoT, and the Enterprise. The solution includes Universal Modeling Language translation, SPE-ED+ modeling, and decision support analysis to evaluate alternative design and implementation solutions for software and hardware. The goal is to predict the performance impact of a wide variety of complex system architecture choices.


  • SPE-ED+ Toolkit - Models any information technology systems, provides performance results based on multiple complex system designs
  • SPE - A systematic, quantitative approach to cost-effective development of software systems to meet performance requirements
  • Consulting and Professional Services - Designed to help you achieve your performance and scalability requirements quickly & cost-effectively
The SPE-ED+ solution implements our proven Software Performance Engineering (SPE) Methodology through a powerful performance modeling toolkit combined with consulting services from performance specialists who have delivered hundreds of analysis projects.


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