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SPE-ED+ offers the following 3-day courses in Software Performance Engineering (SPE), modeling and tools; taught by our top-notch consultants.


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Performance Solutions

Solving Performance Problems Quickly and Effectively - If you've got performance problems, you need help to get out of trouble now. This course is designed to provide you with knowledge that you can immediately apply to improve the performance of your software. It presents a practical approach to identifying sources of performance problems and proven techniques for solving them. Whether you are involved in new development or upgrading a legacy system, this course will help you quickly and effectively achieve your requirements for responsiveness and scalability without sacrificing other quality objectives such as reliability, modifiability, or security.


Software Performance Engineering

Methods and Quantitative Techniques for Proactively Managing Software Performance - Unlike many performance modeling seminars, this one focuses on the software - not the computer hardware. The models are specifically tailored to assess performance and scalability, and provide feedback on the impact that software architecture and design choices have on the underlying network and computer system platforms. The instructor provides practical advice based on years of experience applying the techniques to many types of systems.


Performance Engineering Bootcamp

This workshop provides a practical, hands-on opportunity for those who are familiar with basic performance modeling to polish their skills and increase their repertoire of modeling techniques. The methods and skills learned in this seminar will enable participants to conduct in-depth studies of key performance drivers, study complex interactions among workloads and computer resources, identify performance problems and study alternatives for their resolution; forecast the performance, scalability, and capacity requirements of future environments, predict the performance of new software that will execute in complex environments.


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